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Dirt Racing Mobile


Dirt Racing Mobile is a Universal app! Enjoy it on all of your devices.Try the FREE Dirt Racing Mobile Midgets Edition before you buy!Finally a challenging Dirt Oval Racing game for mobile devices with physics! Race against AI controlled opponents or race against the clock. Hours of sliding and dirt slinging action at your fingertips.
NOTE: This app is designed for mid to high resolution screens. If your resolution is less than 960x640 the game may appear not as intended (but should still be playable).
-------------------------------••••• FEATURES •••••-------------------------------• 4 Cars (Sprint Cars, Latemodels, Modifieds, and Street Stocks)• 12 Tracks• 4 Game Modes with Stars to be earned for each car and track.• No unlocks, play what you want when you want.
--------------------------••••••• TIPS •••••••--------------------------• Start slow! Start with the Street Stock at Track 1 in Practice Mode.• Use LIGHT TAPS on the turning buttons. • When the car starts rotating, the momentum may keep turning the car.• The buttons are MUCH larger than they appear. (so they do not take up too much screen)• Use the Turning Lines and countdown markers, they indicate when you are approaching a turn! • Letting off the throttle will allow the cars to rotate faster.• If you are pressing the turning buttons more than 1 second you are probably holding too long.• Make sure you can get at least 1-2 Stars in Qualifying before attempting Single Amatuer Race.
••• Coming Soon •••More cars, tracks and game modes.Google Plays Game Service integration with Leaderboards and Achievements.Gamepad support.
For any feedback or bug reporting please contact us.Twitter: @Windowed or Email: